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Chat4Support Operator 2.9

Live Chat Software, Website Visitor Tracking Solution and Support Ticket System

Chat4Support is an instant messenger for use with websites. The application consists of two main elements: an operator chat client and a website client. Thus, with this program you can create a chat window that you can put on your website for people to use and chat with operators.

The main use for this kind of system takes the form of live chats for support. The HTML part of the chat system allows the user to fire up a chat window and even select the language he/she speaks. When there is a user trying to chat with an operator, the HTML part of the system sends the Operator part a ticket, which is the main question. Of course, you can set a default message for the users to see when they connect ("Welcome to COMPANY. My name is NAME, what can I do for you?"). When the users type text, the operator gets those messages and is able to reply. There is a logging system that saves all the interactions between your operators and users. Also, each operator has its own username, which helps in determining work time. The graphical user interface is really snappy and there is a lot information about the users. I haven't tried to build the HTML part of the system because of my lack of HTML knowledge, but it can't be hard.

José Fernández
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  • Nice interface
  • User accounts
  • HTML integration
  • Lots of information about the users


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